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As I hear feedback from readers, I’m recognizing that the book is accomplishing what I hoped it would. It’s provoking thoughts about putting oneself first despite the many mandates not to do so. It’s encouraging readers to think about what negative messages they give themselves and pay attention so they can change those to positive ones. For relationships, it’s helping people recognize just how very difficult good communication and boundaries are and incorporating some of the ideas espoused for more effective communication, problem solving, disagreements and respect for one’s and others’ boundaries. I’m also hearing about sexuality and its importance and value in the lives of individuals and couples, as well as the need for transparent communication between a couple. Some of the specific areas covered such as infertility, blended families, divorce and affairs strike an important note for some readers, as does the complexity of parenting and maintaining a close intimate sexual relationship once the kids “arrive” on the scene. It’s gratifying to me to recognize that my aim in writing the book is being realized by many of my readers-to help them gain knowledge and skills in the most important areas of life that we’re never (or very rarely) taught about. My thanks to them for their invaluable feedback!

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