Why Can’t a Woman be More like a Man?

For those of you who are much younger than I, this is the title of a song from the Broadway musical “My Fair Lady”.  This is actually an age old query, as is its natural opposite-the one women ask about men.  Simply put, they (we) just can’t.  Gender differences are real.  The are not fixed in stone, but generally speaking, we’re just different from each other.  Or, as John Gray would say, we’re from different planets!  Don’t underestimate, however, the fact that under it all, we’re all just human beings, and that is our always present common denominator.  I have raised two sons and am watching my almost six year old granddaughter grow up.  Sure, there are many similarities, but at least as many differences.  Each individual is unique, of course, but shockingly, my sons never played with dolls!  On the other hand, my granddaughter does play with cars.  All three had their favorite stuffed animal, all named and essential to their sense of well-being-especially at bedtime!  So for now, I just want to put forward the idea that if you expect your partner (if they are the opposite gender from you) to be like you, you will almost always be disappointed.  They may have some common traits, but not only are they different individuals, they probably don’t speak the same language.  Which gets us to what is often the core issue:  who’s right and who’s wrong.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the answer is no one.  We’re just different, and despite the inherent challenges, I doubt most of us would really want it any other way.

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