Loving Courageously – First Me, Then You, Now Us is now available at Amazon

For information on how to get an autographed copy, contact Barbara at bgoldlcsw@gmail.com.

Now available on Amazon

Why a book?

In over 35 years of counseling people, I’ve learned a great deal about what
works and what doesn’t, and as The Beatles would say, “with a little help
from my friends”!  Loving Courageously is a broad overview of many of the components
of emotional well-being, relationships, and how to create a life of
deep satisfaction.

The book addresses such topics as: 

  • the importance and necessity of healthy
    emotional self-care
  • re-writing the script we’ve been handed
  • boundaries
  • effective communication and collaborative problem solving
  • understanding gender differences
  • creating and maintaining emotional and sexual intimacy in a committed partnership
  • learning how to be a “good enough” parent

My hope is to provide you with some new and different ways of thinking,
feeling and being which will enhance your happiness and life quality.

Now available on Amazon in Audible, paperback and Kindle formats!