2018 Blog??

Imagine my surprise to discover that an entire year had gone by without a blog post! Honestly, it was an eventful year, and my attention was directed elsewhere. But now that it’s 2019, it’s time for me to resolve to pay attention again. So here I am. At first I wondered if I had already said it all, and then … Read More

#Me Too-for both Women and Men

A friend shared an article from the Opinion section of The New York Times written by Bari Weiss this week which resonated deeply with me. Ms. Weiss entitled the article, “Aziz Ansari is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader. I’ve been trying to figure out how to say what I think without seeming to espouse disbelief or failing to … Read More

What’s all this fuss about communication??

The fuss is because it’s so difficult and challenging to communicate effectively. We think it should be easy, but the fact is it’s far from that. Remember the game you played as a kid where everyone sat it a big circle and the first person whispered in the ear of the one sitting next to them and so on until … Read More

Why Can’t a Woman be More like a Man?

For those of you who are much younger than I, this is the title of a song from the Broadway musical “My Fair Lady”.  This is actually an age old query, as is its natural opposite-the one women ask about men.  Simply put, they (we) just can’t.  Gender differences are real.  The are not fixed in stone, but generally speaking, … Read More

More on Desire

I want to follow up on my last post and talk about women’s lack of autonomy in our culture. I do believe this is changing, but considering that the women who raised the women of today were themselves taught how to be a woman by their mothers (whether by example, direct communication or both), the trans-generational patterns still continue to … Read More

Women and Desire

As I often do, I found inspiration in an interview with Esther Perel by Chantal Pierrat, Founder and CEO of Emerging Women, entitled “The Fluidity of Desire” https://emergingwomen.com/podcast/esther-perel-the-fluidity-of-desire/? About the interview I wrote: “As always, Esther beautifully articulates the ‘what and why’ about desire, the lack of it and most importantly, why women are so challenged by-claiming themselves, their autonomy … Read More

Back to my Book

As I hear feedback from readers, I’m recognizing that the book is accomplishing what I hoped it would. It’s provoking thoughts about putting oneself first despite the many mandates not to do so. It’s encouraging readers to think about what negative messages they give themselves and pay attention so they can change those to positive ones. For relationships, it’s helping … Read More

2017 Has Arrived!

Despite my hope that we could achieve cohesion in our country and peace both here and world-wide, we don’t seem to have gotten off to a great start. I don’t want to make this blog a political one, however, the national and world events greatly impact our emotional well-being, both in positive and not-so-positive ways. I’m heartened to hear that … Read More

Looking at 2016

December is here, and in addition to the upcoming holidays, this is a time for reflection on the year almost past. After a painfully divisive pre and post-election, it becomes even more clear that our country needs to unify and come together in the spirit which does, in fact, make America great. We are a country of immigrants (with the … Read More

Just as I was trying to determine how to say it, I read this!

The below email says it all better than I’ve been able to do. I want to be clear that it’s not just women who can benefit from this point of view, and obviously this was written by and for women. I like to think of myself as a “humanist” first, as opposed to just a feminist. I care as deeply … Read More